Pre-Season Tasks

Task 1:

Get Real
I had a good look at my excuses, and boy, are they excuses. Too tired, can’t be bothered, the weather’s bad, I don’t feel well.
Well, I’m always to tired, I never feel well or can be bothered, and there’s always another work out to do. I need to stop being lazy and start being accountable for my actions. I will never feel better if I don’t start making myself feel better.

Task 2:

Introduce yourself
I’m Clair, I’m 26, and I’m almost obese. I need to get my shit together and lose the weight. I’m ashamed when I look in the mirror, and I want to be able to go shopping and not hate myself.
I want to look beautiful in my wedding dress, and that means losing the back fat and the dangly arm bits. I need to get serious, and be accountable. I need support and positive thinking, and being a part of the 12WBT team makes me feel like other people get where I am, and will help me get to where I’m going.

Task 3:

Set your Goals
My long term goal is to lose 20kg in total.
I also would like to complete a 5k fun run and feel like I’m a fit person. I’m going to break this down into 3kg per month goals so that by the time of our wedding, I will be 15kg lighter. I feel like 3kgs is manageable and that it’s something I can confidently achieve.

Task 4:

Nutrition Truths
Well, I knew this is where I failed repeatedly in the past, and my quiz did reflect this. I’m looking forward to learning more about the kinds of foods I can eat that are still yum and don’t make me feel like I’m dieting. I get the impression I’ll miss my potatoes though:(
This is where the challenge is for me, and I will meet it.

Task 5:

Snack Swaps
I will need to be more aware of what I put in my mouth, and it was eye opening that some of the things that I thought were healthy might have been a healthier option, but were not the healthiest options. I look forward to trying new things and making some positive changes.

Task 6:

Munch Crunch
Since moving into our own place, I’ve really spent a LOT less on food than I did when I was living with the inlaws. I no longer eat breakfast out, and only sometimes buy lunch. I have made a huge improvement. When I start my new job (teaching) I will no longer have the freedom to go out for lunch, so I will definitely be able to rein myself in. The school I will be working at has a morning tea what seems like twice a week, so I’ll have to work on my self control there.

Task 7:

Gear Up
I intend to do most of my workouts at the Gym. I have a group timetable and have started attending classes in the lead up to the Challenge. I have enough clothes (although I know I’ll buy myself more as rewards), and I have good runners, a fit bit, a Heart Rate Monitor, water bottles.
I’m ready.

Task 8:

Kitchen Makeover
This is where I run into trouble. I am not clearing out the kitchen. While I want to set myself up for success, I want to do this in a realistic manner. I want to practise self control in the home. I want to be able to choose when to treat myself, and not be out of control. This is the only spot where I am not 100% following the preseason. Sorry Michelle!


As the next tasks come up I will update them here 🙂

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I’ve decided to blog my experiences with the 12WBT for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, to hold myself accountable. Be honest and open and state the facts, rather than judge myself.

Secondly, so I can look back at my successes and keep myself motivated.

And lastly, to build relationships with new people – be inspired by other blogs and other people facing their own challenges.


My pre-season has been mostly a success – I’ve lost about 2kg, and I’m feeling really positive, and I’m so ready and raring to go that I’m disappointed that we can’t yet!

I have noticed that I drink most of my calories, so I am going to start limiting my coke intake and really knuckledown there. I’m concerned about my sugar addiction- I’m starting a new job teaching and will be quitting the sugar at the same time. I foresee many headaches and lots of exhaustion over the first few weeks. I want to commit to going to the gym 4-5 times a week, but it depends on the program Michelle has put together for me – I have enrolled in the Intermediate course. I also intend to do the Mothers Day classic 8km, and the Neon Run on 22 Feb. These are my goals and I don’t want to let myself down (again)

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